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Kazakhstan totally against passage of Kyrgyzstanis stuck in Sol-Iletsk

Kazakhstan is categorically against passage of citizens of Kyrgyzstan who stuck in Sol-Iletsk (Orenburg Oblast of Russia). The First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Kubatbek Boronov told at a joint meeting of two committees of the Parliament.

He noted that there is no opportunity to pick up Kyrgyzstanis who are stuck on the Kazakh-Russian border.

«As for Sol-Iletsk, the issue is difficult, we have talked about it. But people do not leave. Kazakhstan is totally against. There is no opportunity to transport them by land. We hope that everything will be decided soon,» Kubatbek Boronov said.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are 67 cars and about 110 Kyrgyzstanis who are awaiting opening of the state border of Kazakhstan in Orenburg Oblast of Russia.