USD 84.41
EUR 99.52
RUB 1.14

U.S. dollar grows by 1 som for a day in Kyrgyzstan

Over the past day, U.S. dollar grew by 1 more som and reached 83 soms in Kyrgyzstan.

Today, the American currency is bought for 81.7-82.3 soms, and sold — for 82.8-83 soms. Thus, over the past two weeks the dollar grew in price by 5 soms.

The nominal rate of the currency was set by the National Bank at 82.2 soms (1.72 percent growth for a day).

At the same time, the Russian ruble also grew a little — by 10 tyiyns. It is bought for 1.01 — 1,035 soms, and sold — for 1.08-1.1 soms. Its official exchange rate is 1,0437 soms (3.19 percent increase).