USD 84.23
EUR 99.16
RUB 1.14

Exchange rate of U.S. dollar repeatedly grows in Kyrgyzstan

Since the beginning of the week, U.S. dollar has risen in price by 2 soms in Kyrgyzstan amid the news about coronavirus and sharp spikes in global oil prices.

Today, exchange offices of the capital and commercial banks buy the dollar for 79.3-79.6 soms, and sell — for 80-80.2 soms.

The nominal rate of the National Bank is 78,8816 soms (1.65 percent growth for a day).

Exchange rate of the Russian ruble remains low. It is bought for 0.9-1 soms, and sold — for 1-1.05 soms. But the official rate of the Russian currency grew by 4.26 percent for a day and reached 1,004 soms.