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Coronavirus pandemic: Pilgrims from Jalal-Abad contacted thousands of people

The 51 people, who returned from a mini hajj in Saudi Arabia, were hospitalized for observational regime in Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyzstan. Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government in the region, Nurbolot Mirzakhmedov, told at a press conference.

According to him, the number of people with whom they contacted is 1,122 people.

«Even if these people did not hold a feast, there were those who contacted them — they came to say hello, to talk. All the arrived are observed at home, but they were divided into two categories — close relatives (children, brothers, sisters) and those who contacted them once. We will also place their close people under observation. Do not panic. We will give full information. There are two emergency response centers in the region. One of them works to prevent spread of coronavirus, the second regulates prices. All nightclubs and shopping centers are closed, catering outlets too,» Nurbolot Mirzakhmedov told.

He added that relatives of the deceased should hold funerals only with close relatives.

«All arrived pilgrims were distributed among the observational facilities in their districts: Ala-Buka, Bazar-Korgon, Nooken, Suzak, Jalal-Abad,» Nurbolot Mirzakhmedov informed.

The representative of the Ministry of Health in the region said that the coronavirus was detected by family medicine doctors. Prior to this, they asked pilgrims about fever and cough. Tests gave a positive result for coronavirus after hospitalization.

Three cases of coronavirus infection in Suzak district of Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyzstan were reported today. The infected came from a mini hajj in Saudi Arabia.