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March for women's rights: Police fine protesters and provocateurs

Participants of the march for women’s rights and provocateurs who hindered its holding were fined. Press service of the Central Police Department of Bishkek reported.

Representatives of Feminalle and 8/365 social movements reportedly organized an unauthorized spontaneous rally on March 8 at about 12.00 on Victory Square in Bishkek.

«The organizers did not notify the police to ensure public safety at the rally, which led to various provocations and violations of public order in the capital,» the statement says.

«A verbal skirmish occurred between the rally participants and a separate group of people that developed into a brawl. In order to avoid escalation of the conflict, police officers took measures to restore law and order and ensure safety of citizens and guests of the capital. The persons involved in the provocations and brawl from both sides were detected and taken to the Sverdlovsky District Police Department. Protocols were drawn up in relation to six participants of the unauthorized rally: 23-year-old K.A., 22-year-old A.M., 36-year-old A.G., 34-year-old K.A., 47-year-old T.G., 38-year-old S.M., and they were fined. The same measures were taken against five persons involved in disturbing public order: 40-year-old K.Z., 20-year-old Sh.E., 21-year-old A.M., 27-year-old K.B. and 57-year-old D.K.,» the police department said.

The protesters and provocateurs were fined 3,000 soms each under the article «Disobedience to the lawful demand of an internal affairs officer» of the Code of Violations.

Recall, Bishkek Feminist Initiatives organization planned to hold a march of solidarity on March 8. Activists began to gather on Victory Square. But the rally was disrupted by provocations. Police officers arrived at the scene and detained participants of the peaceful rally. About 50 people were taken to the police department. Participants received bruises and other injuries. The brutal crackdown of the peaceful rally took place against the backdrop of officials’ statements that «all the efforts of the authorities are aimed at ensuring women’s confidence in the future.»

Bishkek residents decided to hold another peaceful rally with the hashtag #netnasiliyu on March 10 at 12.00 at the monument to Urkuya. According to its initiators, one cannot respect the rights of some citizens of the country and violate the rights of the others. Many were outraged by the impunity of unknown men who attacked the march participants.