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State Registration Service tells about rarest names in Kyrgyzstan

The State Registration Service of Kyrgyzstan told about the most popular and rare names of children in 2019.

The boys were most often named Umar, Alinur, Alikhan, Ali and Nurislam, and the girls — Rayana, Amina, Fatima, Aliya and Aylin. The rarest names were Ai-Kun, Chachyke, Tattybubu, Zhanyl myrza, Luna, Achilles, Ertoshtuk, Genghis Khan, Lexus, Balasagyn.

As a result of 2019, most of the children were born in Osh region — 48,852, and least of all — in Talas region (6,009).

The highest number of boys were born in Bishkek and Issyk-Kul regions (51.7 percent of the total number of children).