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About 14.9 billion soms transferred to budget from issue of securities

In 2019, the budget of Kyrgyzstan received 14,892.4 billion soms from issue of government securities. Such data are provided by the Ministry of Finance of Kyrgyzstan.

Due to the placement of state treasury bills, the treasury received 5,315.15 billion soms. Most of the funds were obtained through the sale of six- and three-month STBs — 2,235.52 billion soms and 2,322.11 billion soms. STBs with a circulation period of one year brought to the budget only 757.52 million soms.

Due to the placement of state treasury bonds (T-bills), the treasury received 9,577.29 billion soms. Two-year T-bills brought 1,274.97 billion soms, three-year ones — 1,075.8 billion soms, five-year ones — 2,288.65 billion soms.

The most profitable were T-bills with a maturity of seven years. They were sold for 4,682.35 billion soms.

Ten-year bills brought only 255.52 million soms.

Government securities are debt instruments. They increase the size of the country’s domestic state debt. The Ministry of Finance places STB to cover the budget deficit and refinance state debt, which is due for payment.