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Household visits used in Kyrgyzstan for child abuse prevention

Workers of the district response centers for prevention of abuse and violence against children, as well as minors who find themselves in difficult life situations, pay household visits. The Information Support Department of the Government Office reported.

The work is carried out following the order of the Prime Minister in connection with growth in incidence of violence against children.

The Cabinet of Ministers reminded that the heads of state administrations were entrusted with the activities of the response centers and implementation of the emergency plan to prevent abuse and violence against children. In case of shortcomings, heads of the districts bear personal responsibility.

«The Interior Ministry was entrusted with coordination of this work, keeping every ill-treatment and violence against children fact under special control and conducting a thorough and objective investigation of each case, holding those responsible accountable under the law,» the Government said.

The Cabinet added that the Ministry of Labor and Social Development has introduced an automated database of children in difficult life situations. It allows to quickly identify and take the necessary measures to protect the rights of minors.

«From the moment a child in a difficult life situation is detected, all the information is entered into a single database, to which employees of relevant state bodies have access. Each department quickly determines what kind of help the child needs,» the Government stressed.