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Doused with gasoline and set on fire woman forgives her husband

A woman doused with gasoline and set on fire by her husband in Karakol, wrote a counter statement. Law enforcement agencies informed 24.kg news agency.

It is specified that the victim refused claims to her husband, including material ones.

«The woman worked on a market, was engaged in providing mobile network operator services. She lives with her husband for several years, this is her second marriage. On the day of the incident, the husband came to her workplace, closed the booth door from the outside, doused it with gasoline from the window and set on fire,» the police said.

The Internal Affairs Department of Issyk-Kul region confirmed this information. According to the police, the man has already been held accountable for threatening his wife with a knife. Then the victim also wrote a counter statement.

«The man was in prison for a year, and the family continued to live together after his release. Even in presence of the counter-statement, the criminal case will not be closed, since the suspect has committed a serious crime,» the police department told.

On January 4, the man doused his partner wife with gasoline and set her on fire right on the street. The woman suffered burns to her face, both hands, hips and abdomen.