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Garsu Pasaulis threatens Kyrgyz government with international court

Garsu Pasaulis threatened the government of Kyrgyzstan with international arbitration. Company’s lawyer Baktybek Zhumashev told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, earlier the Bishkek City Court upheld the complaint of Garsu Pasaulis against the decision of the Interdistrict Court. The decision of the first instance, according to which the claim of Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH was granted, was canceled.

Baktybek Zhumashev added that the decision of the City Court took effect immediately. However, the State Registration Service is in no hurry to conclude a contract with Garsu Pasaulis, which won the tender for the production of forms for E-passports.

«If the Cabinet does not act within the legal framework, Garsu Pasaulis reserves the right to seek protection in international arbitration,» the lawyer explained.

Earlier, Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH filed a lawsuit to the Interdistrict Court against the State Registration Service and the State Procurement Department of the Ministry of Finance to cancel the tender. In May, the Interdistrict Court of the capital canceled the victory in the tender for purchase of forms for biometric passports. By the court ruling, the decision on Garsu Pasaulis’ victory in a tender for the production of new biometric passports for Kyrgyzstan was declared invalid.

A scandal erupted in the State Registration Service with the purchase of forms of biometric passports. The tender commission awarded the first place to Garsu Pasaulis.