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Lobby for Garsu Pasaulis. Company denies authenticity of video

Ex-head of Infocom state-owned enterprise Talant Abdullaev admitted that the former chairwoman of the State Registration Service Alina Shaikova allegedly gave him $ 20,000 for lobbying the interests of the Lithuanian company Garsu Pasaulis.

A video with his confessions was sent out the day before on social networking sites. The State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan hastened to make a statement that it had nothing to do with this video.

Baktybek Zhumashev, a lawyer representing Garsu Pasaulis, stated that this video was fake organized by special services and interested parties to put pressure on the court, which will consider the cassation appeal of Mühlbauer ID Services against the decision of the Bishkek City Court.

«It is proved by the fact that this video was shot during investigative actions in the building of the State Committee for National Security, as well as the fact that the criminal case has not been completed. Garsu Pasaulis employees did not hand over any money to anyone, including the mentioned above persons. I believe that by their actions the responsible persons of the State Committee for National Security violated the requirements of the Criminal Procedure Code, since the data obtained during pre-trial proceedings in a criminal case are not subject to disclosure. The violation provides liability under the articles of the Code of Misconduct,» Baktybek Zhumashev stressed.

In May, the Interdistrict Court of the capital canceled the victory in the tender for the purchase of forms for biometric passports. By a court ruling, the decision on announcement Garsu Pasaulis a winner in the tender for the production of new biometric passports for Kyrgyzstan was declared invalid.

Earlier, the company Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH filed a lawsuit to the Interdistrict Court against the State Registration Service and the State Procurement Department of the Ministry of Finance to cancel the tender.

A scandal erupted in the State Registration Service over the purchase of forms of biometric passports. Tender commission gave the first place to Garsu Pasaulis.