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Kyrgyzstanis demand to ban hunting for some species of animals

Kyrgyzstanis demand to legislatively prohibit hunting for certain species of animals. A petition has been drawn up on Change.org.

As its authors noted, on October 23, 2019, on the International Snow Leopard Day, the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan rejected a bill banning hunting for mountain sheep, argali, mountain goats, ibexes, roe deer, red deer, deer and wild boars until 2030.

The petition notes that according to the regulations of the legislative body, there is another chance to consider the bill in six months.

«We demand from the deputies to return to the issue and adopt a law banning hunting for these animals. Hunting has never been entertainment, pleasure, or a mean of enrichment for our people. We have always adhered to hunting restrictions, which was reflected in the legend about Kozhozhash, who was punished for extermination of wild animals,» the petition says.