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Kyrgyzstan plans to legalize falconry

The State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry submitted the rules for keeping and use of hunting birds of prey for public discussion.

Only a person, who has the status of a hunter, will have the right to catch, keep and use falcons, golden eagles.

Catching of birds listed in the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan is allowed only with a special restriction — not more than 1 percent of the total number per year.

Each captured bird must have an identification card (passport).

The rules outline the conditions for keeping falcons and golden eagles: cell sizes, material, air temperature.

It is forbidden to use medicines worsening the state of health of a predator bird in order to increase the effectiveness of its use in cultural, entertainment and demonstration purposes.

If the bird can not hunt any more, the owner must provide its keeping in a shelter, or hand it over to those who are able to keep it.