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Citizens of Tajikistan continue to illegally reclaim land of Kyrgyzstan

Creeping migration from Tajikistan continues in Leilek district of Batken region of Kyrgyzstan. Local deputies announced at a meeting of the people’s representatives of all rural councils of the district.

Deputies of local councils gathered to discuss border problems. According to them, citizens of Tajikistan continue construction, reclaiming agricultural land.

«A citizen of Tajikistan who illegally built a house on the territory of Kyrgyzstan in Maksat village began fencing it right next to the main highway. Who will guarantee that they will not say tomorrow that half of the road belongs to them? Indeed, the similar situation is already in Arka village,» said Shaiyrbek Orozaliev, a deputy of Kulunda rural council.

He noted that Tajik citizens illegally seized 37 hectares of land in Maksat village and have built houses.

«The same situation is in other villages. Citizens of the neighboring country continue to illegally reclaim the land of the Kyrgyz Republic. At first they use it for agricultural work, and then they start construction,» added Shaiyrbek Orozaliev.