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Orozbek Duisheev: If we nationalize Kumtor, everything will fall apart in a year

«If we nationalize Kumtor, then everything will fall apart in a year. It is out of question now,» said Orozbek Duisheev, Head of the Association of Miners and Geologists of Kyrgyzstan, at a press conference today.

The mining industry as a whole and projects for development of Kumtor and Jerooy fields are the future of the republic. But experts are worried by statements of politicians, who do not have knowledge in the industry, and want to discuss the situation and revise the agreements.

«We are categorically against such proposals. People say Kumtor has brought nothing to the country. However, over 23 years of its work, the Kyrgyz Republic has received $ 3.7 billion. It is necessary to solve the problems of Kumtor on the basis of science, engineering and economic calculations. This is stipulated in the current agreement on the project,» Orozbek Duisheev said.