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Russian President Vladimir Putin to celebrate his 67th birthday with his family

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will spend his 67th birthday with family and friends. Before that, he visited the Siberian taiga. Spokesman for the President Dmitry Peskov told.

According to RIA Novosti, Vladimir Putin turns 67 years old today. Days earlier, he visited the Siberian taiga, where, as Dmitry Peskov noted, «he enjoyed the autumn nature.»

The head of state has repeatedly celebrated this day at work: meetings, conferences, international summits and official visits abroad.

Dmitry Peskov

 «Sometimes, Putin takes a day off to spend time with his relatives and friends. He repeatedly celebrated his birthday with his foreign colleagues. In particular, the ex-leader of Italy Silvio Berlusconi visited the Russian president. As a gift, Berlusconi presented Putin with an embroidered bedspread, which depicts their handshake against the backdrop of the famous sights of Russia and Italy — St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Coliseum,» the message says.

Vladimir Putin also celebrated his birthday in the company of the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. «I will not hide it, we drank a glass of vodka, just cut some sausage,» the Russian president said.

Vladimir Putin spent his another birthday at the APEC summit on Bali island. The then president of Indonesia Susilo Bambang sang «Happy Birthday to You» for the Russian leader, playing the guitar, while other participants of the working meeting sang along. At the same time, the Prime Minister of Japan presented Putin with sake, and the Chinese leader — a cake.

The head of Russia sometimes has a rest on his birthday. In 2016, he played hockey in Sochi, and in 2014 he took a day off and went to Siberia.