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Non-governmental foundations at schools may be closed

Non-governmental foundations at schools may be closed. An expert of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government’s Office Nazgul Losnikova told at a round table discussion.

According to her, the foundations are created due to the gap in financing of the education system. It amounts to about 3 billion soms in the republic.

«This money is not enough for the purchase of textbooks, maintenance, and other needs. Foundations mainly collect money for this,» the expert noted.

Nazgul Losnikova added that informal fees at schools issue was repeatedly raised in the Cabinet.

«The Ministry of Education was instructed to create a working group on budget financing of educational organizations. They are currently financed on a per capita basis — based on the number of students. On average, 18,000 soms are allocated per child in the country. The group was instructed to revise the standards, to calculate how much is actually needed per student,» she said.

The expert explained that non-governmental foundations would be closed after revisal of the funding in a pilot mode. According to her, this may happen in 2023.

«Perhaps, there will be changes to the law on NGOs in order the schools to create special accounts and provide additional services,» said Nazgul Losnikova.