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Six Kyrgyzstanis become Muay Thai European champions

Kyrgyzstanis became Muay Thai European champions. The President of the Muay Thai Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic (WMF) Syrgak Aitaliev informed 24.kg news agency.

The European Open Championship was held on August 21-26 in Belgorod (Russia). About 180 fighters from 11 countries competed for victory. Nine people represented Kyrgyzstan. They competed among the cadets, juniors and adults.

Young athletes Anastasia Strukalina, Ernazar Amanzholov, Erik Botsoroga, Alikhan Ergeshev and Kubanych uulu Amantur won gold medals in their categories. Aizirek Koilubaeva and Islam Rakhmanaliev won silver medals. The adult athlete Evgeny Trubchaninov won two gold medals and a champion belt for victories among amateurs and semiprofessionals.

«The winner of two world championships Begayim Kakchekeeva has been studying and living in Tyumen for the second year. She represented Russia this time and became the European champion among professionals,» said Syrgak Aitaliev.

«At the end of September, we may go to the international tournament in Omsk,» he added.