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Drunk mother gives 6-year-old child alcohol, he is in a coma

A drunk mother and her friends that visited her gave her six-year-old son alcohol to drink in Zhaiyl district of Chui region. The child felt sick, he is in an intensive care unit now. The district administration confirmed the information and noted that the police started an investigation.

It is known that the unconscious boy was taken to hospital on July 12. He is in a coma. His condition is consistently severe.

The Social Development Department of the district called the family dysfunctional. Mother regularly drinks alcohol; she has no permanent place of residence. In addition to the six-year-old child, she has another 15-year-old son. He is working in Kazakhstan. The 38-year-old woman lives with a partner.

The police reported that, according to preliminary data, friends came to the woman and her partner, they drank alcohol. Someone offered to give the child alcohol to see what would happen to him. Investigators restore the whole picture of the happened.

The mother of the boy with her partner were detained and placed in a pretrial detention center.