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Native of Kyrgyzstan convicted in Germany for joining separatists in Ukraine

A native of Kyrgyzstan, currently a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany, was found guilty of participation in east Ukraine conflict. Deutsche Welle reports.

Alex D. has been reportedly assisting the militants in eastern Ukraine for about two years. He was arrested upon returning to Germany in 2016, and on July 10 was found guilty of «jeopardizing state security.»

As DW reports, Alex D.’s punishment for his illegal adventure in Ukraine is little more than a slap on the wrist: the court has taken into account his admission of guilt and sentenced him to two years parole.

It is hard to tell for sure what exactly the 43-year-old was doing for almost two years in the conflict zone. This is what has saved him from prison. The accused himself states that he only defended a hospital and did not directly participate in the hostilities, although the photos from Donbass depict him with a sniper rifle. But the prosecution failed to present enough evidence to support this accusation in court.

Alex D. was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1975, where he attended elementary school and became a qualified plumber. His parents moved to Germany in 1995, and Alex followed them in 2001. In Germany, he was convicted for several crimes, including rape, assault, and extortion.