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Kyrgyzstan's journalists urge officials not to conceal information

Media community of Kyrgyzstan has announced a campaign on social networks on collection of signatures under an appeal to the authorities.

Mass media representatives ask the authorities to respond to every fact revealed in the latest journalistic investigations carried out in order to fight corruption in Kyrgyzstan.

In addition, authors of the appeal apply to the media staff. «We urge the journalistic community to unite, since the main task of the investigations is to fight corruption. Correction of the mistakes and improvement of investigations is an important element of development, but it should be implemented in working order and in no way distract the attention of the public and authorized bodies from a full-scale investigation of the facts of corruption revealed by journalists,» the statement says.

Media experts also remind that, according to the law, the state is obliged to provide citizens with access to information.

«And our task as conscious citizens is to unite and support our fellow journalists, who do their work, conduct journalistic investigations and demand from the state to conduct operational investigative measures on corruption schemes revealed in the investigations of journalists that undermine the foundations of statehood and opportunities for sustainable development of Kyrgyzstan,» they stress.

More than 70 media representatives of Kyrgyzstan have already signed the appeal. The collection of signatures continues.