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Deputies propose to create nut tree plantations in Kyrgyzstan

It is proposed to create plantations of nut trees in Kyrgyzstan. Draft law on Cultivation of Walnuts in the Kyrgyz Republic was developed and submitted for public discussion by a group of deputies of the Parliament.

Background statement notes that one of the most valuable in Kyrgyzstan are unique walnut-fruit forests in Jalal-Abad and Osh regions. They are a source of genetic biodiversity and incomes of the region’s population.

The developers have noted an increase in global market demand for organic products, including walnuts.

«In this regard, it is necessary to expand the areas of the plantations of nuts, increase their productivity, improve the quality of nut products and increase their exports. A significant increase in the production of nuts in the country will lead to an increase in jobs and reduce poverty,» the legislators believe.

Local governments are not paying enough attention to creation of industrial plantations of walnuts.

This does not contribute to the sustainable development of the regions, improvement of the economic potential and the living standards of the population.

Deputies propose to create nut plantations on the lands of rural areas, using the developments of branch scientific institutes of the National Academy of Sciences and their recommendations for increasing the productivity of nut crops, processing of nuts and export of products.