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Man sentenced to 12 years in prison for rape of his daughter

Uzgen District Court sentenced father of the raped girl to 12 and a half years in prison.

The court’s indictment states that the guilt of the accused was fully proven by the results of an examination, the girl’s testimony and his confession.

The defendant pleaded guilty in court and stated that he repented of his deed.

On the day when it happened, the father came into his daughter’s room, then brought her into his own and raped her twice. He allegedly did not know that the girl became pregnant.

«The man told the court that his wife died in 2013. They had four boys and one girl. In 2015, the defendant married, but divorced a year later. He repented of his deed and asked for a mild punishment,» indictment says.

A social worker who defends the interests of the child was interrogated.

«During the investigation it turned out that the girl did not communicate with relatives. Her interests were protected by social workers. The 15-year-old schoolgirl said that she had given birth to a baby from her father, but she abandoned the child. She lives in a crisis center now, her condition is critical — the girl does not communicate with anyone. The representative asked for the most severe punishment for the defendant,» the verdict says.

Recall, the police visited households and found a pregnant girl. The teenager became pregnant after being raped by her own father, who suffers from a mental illness. On April 5, the minor gave birth to a boy. However, she abandoned the child.