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Ambassador of Turkey to Kyrgyzstan leaves iftar of SDMK with scandal

Ambassador of Turkey to Kyrgyzstan Cengiz Kamil Firat made a scene during an iftar, organized by the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan. Video was posted on social networks.

The muftiyat confirmed the information. According to it, the iftar took place on May 8 at Dasmia restaurant. «When there was a couple of minutes left till breaking the fast, despite the persuasions, the ambassador left the hall,» SDMK reported.

In the video, Cengiz Kamil Firat was outraged that SDMK invited representatives of FETO, in particular, the director of Sapat educational institution Orhan Inanda, to its events.

«During Ramadan, you invite a terrorist, what kind of muftyat is it? I built you a mosque for $ 35 million, and you put me in one place with a terrorist. Why do you invite the head of FETO organization? I will tell you that you will have to choose between Turkey or terrorists,» the Ambassador said.

FETO is a Turkish social movement that has been established based on the ideas of the Turkish writer Fethullah Gülen. It is especially active in the field of education (supporters of the movement opened about 1,400 schools in more than 140 countries). After an attempted military coup in Turkey in 2016, the authorities accused Fethullah Gülen and his supporters of organizing the coup. On October 19, 2016, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation recognized FETO as terrorist movement.