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Migrants may not be numbered among population of Kyrgyzstan

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan working abroad may not be numbered among the population of the republic. The head of the Statistical Census and Demographic Statistics Department of the National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan Rimma Chynybayeva told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, only those people, who constantly live in the country, are considered as population of the Kyrgyz Republic.

«In accordance with the census regulations, citizens living a year or more abroad are not numbered among the republic’s population. They will be considered separately. Such demands were set by international organizations in 2009, when the last census was taking place. But then we included all in the total population. There were 100,000 such people then. We get information about migrants from relatives. For example, we will ask each family about the whereabouts of their relatives. So, according to the census results, the exact number of our migrants will be known,» Rimma Chynybayeva told.

Census will not be conducted outside the country. «We make a census of only residents of the Kyrgyz Republic. Only employees of diplomatic missions and members of their families are subject to a census abroad,» the head of the department stressed.