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TV channels in Kyrgyzstan should not conduct religious activities

Some TV programs on religious themes can be attributed to religious activities in Kyrgyzstan. The Deputy Director of the State Commission on Religious Affairs Zakir Chotaev said at a round table discussion «Role of Media in Informational Support of State Policy in Religious Sphere.»

He noted that some TV channels had permanent programs on religious topics. «They can be attributed to religious activities. But according to the law, religious activities are allowed only in religious institutions. Therefore, we ask journalists, if there are regular TV programs, give us information on the broadcasting schedule,» Zakir Chotaev said.

According to him, when covering the topic of religion, media representatives should adhere to the Constitution and laws.

«We have freedom of religion. This suggests that every citizen decides what religion to profess or to be an atheist. The Constitution guarantees the inadmissibility of discrimination on any grounds, including religion. And we often encounter discrimination or intolerant attitude towards representatives of other religions,» he stressed.