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Human rights activists not know how to help Kyrgyzstani sentenced to death

Human rights activists do not know how to help a Kyrgyz citizen sentenced to death in Iraq. Kylym Shamy human rights center told 24.kg news agency.

Three citizens of Kyrgyzstan with ten small children are in the women’s prison and are waiting for a sentence of the Baghdad court. Women are charged with terrorism and illegal crossing of the state border of Iraq. They were taken to the Middle East by their husbands, who joined the Islamic State terrorist group, and after their death they were left to the mercy of fate.

According to human rights activists, there are three citizens of Kyrgyzstan in the Iraqi prison — Asel Asilzhan kyzy, Zukhra Kadirova and Fatima Marufzhanova. All of them are relatives. Father of Asel turned to the center and asked for help, but he does not come in touch regularly and for some reason refuses to come to Bishkek and write an appeal to the State Committee for National Security, the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The lawyers of Kylym Shamy themselves turned to the authorities, but there is no information so far. Relatives of women claim that they were taken by force and they did not know what their husbands were doing.