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Kyrgyz judges to be banned from purchases for more than 100,000 soms

The State Personnel Service of the Kyrgyz Republic submitted a number of bills for public discussion, including purchases in cash for over 1,000 calculated rates (100,000 soms).

It is planned to legislatively develop a ban on the purchase by employees of judicial, law enforcement and supervisory bodies, as well as members of their families, of securities, shares and stakes in the authorized capitals of foreign companies and partnerships. They will be able to open bank accounts exclusively in banks chosen by the Kyrgyz government.

Judges, security officials, prosecutors and members of their families will not be able to make purchases and bargains in cash form in the amount of over 100,000 soms. They will have to register in personal records purchases for more than 200 calculated rates (20,000 soms). Violation of these requirements will lead to immediate release from office.

Employees will have to disclose in their income and expenditure declarations information that constitutes banking, tax, customs secrets and indicate the legality of acquisition of property.