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New Chairwoman of Supreme Court elected in Kyrgyzstan

Gulbara Kaliyeva was elected the Chairwoman of the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan. The press service of the Supreme Court reported.

A meeting of the judges of the Supreme Court took place today. The meeting was attended by 33 judges. They elected a new chairwoman and her deputies.

The judges unanimously elected Gulbara Kaliyeva as chairwoman. Kanybek Bokoev was elected her deputy for criminal cases and cases on administrative violations, Nurgul Asanova — her deputy for civil cases, and now the ex-chairwoman of the Supreme Court Ainash Tokbaeva became the deputy for administrative and economic cases.

Gulbara Kaliyeva was born in 1959. In 1981, she graduated from the Leningrad State University named after Zhdanov with a degree in jurisprudence. She is a first class judge and has a rank of State Counselor of Public Service of the 3rd class. Since September 23, 2015 Gulbara Kaliyeva had been working as a judge of the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Recall, Ainash Tokbaeva has been the Chairwoman of the Supreme Court from 2015 to 2018. The new chairwoman was elected in connection with the expiry of her term of office. By law, a chairperson is elected for three years. At the same time, the same person can not hold this post two times in a row.