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Kyrgyzstanis win 5 gold medals at horse wrestling tournament

Kyrgyzstanis won 5 gold medals at er-enish tournament (horse wrestling) as part of the 3rd World Nomad Games held in Issyk-Kul.

Er-enish is one of the most interesting sports in the WNG 2018 program. It resembles kok-boru and belt wrestling. It came from the ancient times, when it served military needs. The key to success in a duel is the strength of the rider and his horse.

The tournament was held in five weight classes. Preliminary fights took place on September 6. At least 40 sportsmen from 12 countries took part in them, however only representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan managed to get to the final. Today, the domestic athletes showed a 100% result, winning five gold medals. The champions are Jekshenbek Turdubekov (60 kg), Buzurmankul uulu Kalybek (70 kg), Berdibek uulu Islam (80 kg), Konokbai Barkyzhokov (90 kg) and Kumushbek Kydyraliev (over 90 kg).