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How the 3rd World Nomad Games to hit Kyrgyzstan’s budget

It is planned to spend 306,300 million soms from the budget on the 3rd World Nomad Games.

The Ministry of Finance budgeted about 10 million soms for the repair of the hippodrome only. Later, the ministry clarified that the money was intended for the maintenance of the facility during the year.

Most of the money will be spent on the scenery, costumes, accommodation of athletes and guests. As the organizers told 24.kg news agency, they wanted foreign artists to participate in the opening of the Games, but their performances were so expensive that the entire amount was not enough.

Voluntarily or forced

There is no money for such a large-scale event in the budget of Kyrgyzstan. Officials traditionally turned for help to large companies and said that it was entirely voluntary assistance. The businessmen were tactfully hinted that they wanted to voluntarily become sponsors.

The first letter was sent from the Ministry of Economy. Then the Deputy Minister of Economy Avtandil Alybaev assured 24.kg news agency that a voluntary-forced wheedling of money for the World Nomad Games out of entrepreneurs was out of question.

«We really wrote the letter. We asked the companies that want to introduce themselves at WNG to inform us. Maybe they will want to not only introduce themselves, but also sell their products during the Games. We will be happy about it. But in any case, all this is done only voluntarily. Several companies have already responded to our offer. If we talk about sponsorship, then this is a voluntary matter too. If the companies themselves want to provide any assistance, we will be only grateful then,» stressed Avtandil Alybaev.

Later, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Land Reclamation also appealed to the associations and enterprises of the food and processing industry to provide sponsor support for the 3rd World Nomad Games.

The secretariat for the preparation and holding of the WNG assured that the partnership was carried out on mutually beneficial terms, without coercion.

«This practice, with the mutual consent of the parties, is widespread in the countries of the near and far abroad when organizing such events. Companies and private organizations wishing to assist in the organization of the 3rd World Nomad Games can act as a general sponsor, an official sponsor, a sponsor, and a media partner on mutually beneficial terms,» the officials of the secretariat noted.

Yurts are never too much

According to the idea of ​​the scriptwriters, a thousand yurts, which will be united in several ordos with 18 yurts in each, will be set up in Kyrchyn area.

The Directorate for National Sports leases 12 yurts with a diameter of at least 7 meters, staffed with shirdakas, dastorkhons, dinnerware for 20 people, samovars, kazans, firewood. Each yurt should be equipped with electricity, sockets.

Rent of the yurts from September 2 to September 8 will cost 1,260 million soms.

Each region announces separate tenders for rent of the yurts. Karakol City Culture Department plans to spend 270,000 soms on the rent of nine yurts with the national exterior and interior decoration in a complete set, other 90,000 soms — on the rent of art objects: kiyizs, shirdaks, leather goods, chiys.

Tokmak Town Cultural Center plans to spend 90,000 soms on the purchase of services for interior decoration of a yurt during the 3rd World Nomad Games. According to the list, the supplier must provide 88 goods on 39 items: kiyizs, shirdaks, sandyks, skins and others.

Earlier, the organization held a tender for the rent of a yurt. It will spend 115,000 soms on this purpose.

The National Cultural Center will spend 7,760,408 soms on organization of the theatrical performance Golden Age of Nomads in Kyrchyn area.

Production and tailoring of stage costumes for the performance will cost 5 million soms. Other 1,382,752 soms will be used to pay for the services of 100 artists for the main parts. All of them must have appropriate diplomas, certificates, certifying their professionalism.

The director of the theatrical program will get 3.8 million soms.

The rent of animals and historical requisites will cost 1,377,656 soms. It is reported that the supplier must provide yaks, camels, golden eagles, horse herds, cows with calves, flock of sheep. In addition, these funds will be spent on the installation of eight large yurts.

A press center will also operate in Kirchyn. At least 6 yurts for 540,000 soms will be set up for it. About 16.5 million soms were budgeted for accommodation of journalists.

Stratospheric scenery and prices

The main theme of the opening of the Games is space. Stuntmen in the similitude of 40 associates of Manas will be dressed in space suits. The performance will be accompanied by moving scenery and illumination. The production is not cheap.

It is prepared by El Muras Bishkek LLC and implemented by Solaris LLC. Director will receive 7.5 million soms for the performance.

The stuntmen will get 4,249,990 soms.

The development of design and tailoring of the theatrical and stage costumes for opening and closure of the 3rd World Nomad Games will cost 8,716,000 soms. At least 1,608 costumes will be made for the protagonists of the productions and the extras.

Production of scenery and requisites for the theatrical performance in Kyrchyn will cost 8,536,100 soms. This amount will be used for decoration of an ethnic bazaar, Khan Ordo and the stands, the main gates, towers, barriers, and also for the requisites for the theatrical performance.

Expensive toilets and VIPs

It is expected that the WNG 2018 will be attended by the presidents of four countries. Special conditions will be surely created for VIP guests. More than 6 million soms will be spent on services for transportation of participants and guests of the World Nomad Games.

At least 30 executive-class cars will be rented for the VIPs. It is planned to allocate 2,160,000 soms for this purpose. Vehicles must be not older than 2007, be white, silver or black.

About 50 VIP guests will be accommodated in single and double rooms. The hotel should be able to organize a banquet for 200 people. This will cost 1,750,000 soms.

At least 21.5 million soms will be spent on accommodation and transfer of artists involved in the opening and closure of the Games. Other 15.7 million soms were budgeted for similar expenses.

Comfortable conditions, not like those of the nomads, will be created for the guests in Kyrchyn area. The State Agency for Architecture, Construction, Housing and Communal Services will install eight five-place standard toilets connected to the water supply system. In addition, there will be a toilet for people with disabilities.

The total estimated cost of works is 2,301,700 soms. The price of one container with a five-place toilet including VAT is 287,718 soms. The cost includes delivery, installation, payment of taxes and social deductions. In addition, 20 country (wooden) toilets will be installed in Kyrchyn area. This will cost 375,600 soms.

The public considered this an unnecessarily expensive waste, but the officials are sure that comfort is above all.

Trust in sponsor, but?

Analysts of the Eurasian Development Bank forecast that the state budget deficit will form in Kyrgystan in the second half of 2018 due to holding of the World Nomad Games.

«In January-April 2018, the state budget was met with a surplus of 1.2 percent of GDP. The revenue part of the budget grew by 11.6 percent. And the expenditure part (including the purchase of non-financial assets) decreased by 2.3 percent. Taking into account the fact that the World Nomad Games are planned this year, we should expect a budget deficit in the second half of the year,» the forecast says.

As the head of WNG secretariat Nursultan Adenov told 24.kg news agency, additional funds would not be taken for the Games from the budget. They hope for sponsors. They, he said, eagerly responded.

«Sponsors’ money is spent on additional expenses, so to say, «on the fantasy of scriptwriters.» We engage sponsors for greater effect and capacity of the equipment. We explain them that the money was spent on projectors or sound equipment. Directors, of course, have to be stopped, so that their ideas do not go beyond the reality,» he said.

The organizers set a task — to ask the sponsors for not more than 50 percent of the allocated amount from the budget, this is about 150 million soms.

Taking into account the announcements published on the state procurement portal, 24.kg news agency estimated the approximate costs for the Games. The organizers have already invested more than 150 million soms. We can only guess what other 300 million soms will be spent on.