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Kyrgyzstan in OGP: Citizens must demand disclosure of data from authorities

Kyrgyzstanis must demand disclosure of the data from the authorities. The deputy of the Parliament Aida Kasymalieva told journalists on the results of the Open Government summit in Tbilisi.

According to her, Kyrgyzstan tried to carry out reforms on its own. "We lack the mobilization of all forces. The government and parliament must work out their plan and work on it. The OGP has specific tools through which a breakthrough in the economy takes place. Citizens can make decisions and control the actions of the authorities. We have to select projects and decide how to fulfill them," Aida Kasymalieva said.

She added that citizens themselves must demand disclosure of the data, monitor projects, and if they see a corruption component, say it. "So they will help the state. Officials do not work for themselves. They provide services to the public. We have few resources for reforms, not enough experts, and infrastructure. OGP, seeing the aspirations of Kyrgyzstan, will help," added Aida Kasymalieva.    

Kyrgyzstan became the first country in Central Asia that joined the Open Government Partnership. The Open Government Partnership is an international platform that unites 74 states and 15 regional governments.

OGP is a unique multilateral initiative aimed at ensuring concrete commitments by governments to increase transparency, expand civic engagement, combat corruption and use new technologies to make governments more open, effective and accountable to citizens.