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Some countries intensify inspection of citizens of Kyrgyzstan at checkpoints

Personal belongings and the luggage of citizens of Kyrgyzstan are carefully examined at checkpoints of foreign states for the purpose of detection of religious extremist literature. The Border Service of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

According to it, numerous cases of bringing of Kyrgyzstanis by the law enforcement agencies of neighboring countries to administrative and criminal responsibility for the storage and transportation of religious literature, banned in the territory of neighboring countries, have been registered recently.

Religious literature freely used in Kyrgyzstan may be banned in other countries.

«A ban on the literature of the religious movement Tablighi Jamaat with publishing the list on the website of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Kazakhstan was imposed on the territory of Kazakhstan. In Kyrgyzstan, this category of literature is not prohibited and is publicly available,» the State Border Service commented.

In addition, the SBS told what materials were considered to be extremist and banned for import, publication and distribution in the territory of Kazakhstan by decision of Alakol District Court of Almaty region:

— «Fazail-a’mel. Amaldardy kundylyktary» by Sheikhul-Hadis Maulen Muhammad Zekeriya Kendehleui;

— «Collection of poems » by Muhammad Saad Kandehlevi;

— «Selected hadith» by M.Yusuf Kandehlavi, M.Sad Kandehlavi, Kazan, 2008.