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Growth in number intestinal infection patients registered in Kyrgyzstan

At least 230-300 patients turn to the Republican Infectious Disease Hospital every day. The Chief Doctor Gulzhigit Aaliev told 24.kg news agency.

Most of them have intestinal and enterovirus infections.

«Because of the influx of patients, we still have to place patients in the corridors, but not for a long time. The next day we try to transfer them to the wards. The peculiarity of the infectious disease hospital is that we can not place patients, who have just arrived, into the ward to the convalescents,» he said.

According to Gulzhigit Aliev, the number of doctors has increased, but they can not still avoid queues.

«Sometimes it happens that 20 people come at the same time. Or not only a mom and dad come with a sick child, but also the grandparents, uncles and aunts. They create a crowd. Of course, when someone feels bad a 10-minute wait seems like an hour-long,» he said, and asked the patients to tolerate and understand the situation.

«Previously, patients were forced to wait for their turn in the street, under the sun, rain. Now we have an extension to the reception department, where the patients can expect reception with comfort: air conditioning, TV. We show videos with recommendations on various infectious diseases,» he noted.

According to him, the hospital previously had 600 beds with a population of 500,000. Since then, the population of Bishkek has grown at least twice, and the number of beds has been reduced to 400.

«We receive patients not only with the city registration, patients in grave condition are brought from all over the republic. The people know that we work around the clock and take trouble-free. One of these days, a patient with a hypertensive crisis came to us. We had to hospitalize him,» he told.

South Korean investors are ready to invest in the construction of a new infectious ward for 130 beds more than $ 10 million.