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Infectious Diseases Hospital in Bishkek overcrowded

The Republican Infectious Diseases Hospital in Bishkek is overcrowded. At least five doctors are on duty in the emergency department during a day, at night — four. The hospital informed 24.kg news agency.

«On November 24-25, about 676 patients appealed to the emergency department, 220 people were hospitalized, 98 of them with ARVI, they are mostly small children,» the hospital staff said.

According to the Chief Physician of the hospital, Gulzhigit Aaliev, due to an increase in the number of patients, the doctors are working in intensive mode. «As of today, in-patient department is full, there are 507 patients in it, there are from 40 to 54 patients in other departments, 190 of them with ARVI, they are mostly children,» he noted.

«To unload the emergency department, we ask the population to contact their family doctors when the first signs of ARVI appear, and go the in-patient department only with referral from a doctor of Family Medicine Center,» said Gulzhigit Aaliev.