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Repair works to hinder passage through Too-Ashuu Pass

Asphalting of the access roads to Too-Ashu tunnel from the northern part and inside the Kolbaev tunnel will begin in the near future. The Ministry of Transport and Roads of Kyrgyzstan reported.

According to its data, work in this section is being carried out as part of a pilot contract for the maintenance of the road. Repairs will be carried out as and when necessary on the section of Kara-Balta-Suusamyr road to Too-Ashu tunnel.

In addition, the rehabilitation of the road section from Sosnovsky turn continues. A new asphalt has been laid there. The upper layer of the old asphalt was removed at the entrance to Too-Ashuu pass. The laying of a new one will begin in the near future.

«Patching of the road surface will be performed, rough-surface treatment of the pavement layer, pouring of cracks, replacement of the road signs will be carried out. In addition, the maintenance of drainage facilities, control of roadside plants, repair of bridges, strengthening of slopes, winter maintenance and proper maintenance of the road surface in different weather conditions are planned,» the Ministry of Transport stressed.