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Graffiti on freedom from slavery appear in Osh city

Two graffiti appeared and one more will soon be completed in Osh city in the framework of the information campaign «Together against Trafficking in Human Beings!» The Osh City Administration reported.

The commission chose three pictures. One shows a girl running on the grass, the second — a pigeon, and the third — a bird that escaped from the cage.

One graffiti requires an average of 120-150 spray paint cans and 3-5 days of work.

One graffiti is located in Cheryomushki micro district on Rustaveli Street, the second one is on Dadabay-Ata Street, near the main building of the Osh State University. The third one will appear on Masaliyev Street. All the graffiti symbolize freedom from slavery.

«They reflect sympathy and solidarity with the victims of human trafficking, showing the global nature of the problem and uniting the efforts of all citizens in its solution. The picture on the wall of the building will remain for years and will remind the citizens that we are able to resist the human trafficking problem,» the City Administration noted.