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Mural on women's rights appeared in Bishkek

A mural appeared on the walls of the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts named after Gapar Aitiev. Its creators — artists of Basicolors art group reported.

The mural is dedicated to the theme of supporting and empowering women.

The mural was created with the financial support of the German Embassy in Kyrgyzstan within the framework of the project on the exchange of young authors of the two countries.

It is the first case of cooperation between the Museum of Arts and graffiti artists in such a format in the Central Asian region.

The sketch was approved by Shailoo Zhekshenbaev, an architect and one of the authors of the Fine Arts Museum building project.

«In the center of the mural is a figure of a girl, embodying the spirit of empowering women. Around her are intricate patterns of flowers, which symbolize the variety and richness of women’s experiences and contributions to development. Blooming flowers are also depicted to convey growth, renewal and freedom. In the foreground is the inscription «Kyz Power» (girl power), which inspires and reminds of the importance of equality, respect and the collective effort required to achieve gender rights and opportunities,» the authors noted.

Basicolors is a Bishkek-based art group that has been creating large murals and graffiti in Kyrgyzstan and abroad since 1998.