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Over 80 percent of rural administrations in Kyrgyzstan subsidized

At least 82 percent of rural administrations in Kyrgyzstan continue to be subsidized, and this situation needs to be changed. Local authorities must effectively use the resources provided by the state. The Director of the State Agency for Local Government Bodies and Interethnic Relations Bakhtiyar Saliev announced at the forum of local government bodies.

He recalled that the development of regions could not be considered separately from the development of local governments.

According to Bakhtiyar Saliev, a new stage in the development of local governments has begun since April 2010. Its executive bodies became accountable to local councils. However, the events that occurred in the Kyrgyz Republic that year did not allow to fully address the development of local communities, and the system of improving the local government bodies did not reach the expected level.

«Nevertheless, a two-tier budget was reintroduced,» he said.

Bakhtiyar Saliev also noted that the legislation of the country did not completely differentiate the powers of state bodies and local government bodies.

As a result, nobody solves the problems, or there is duplication and inefficient use of budgetary funds.