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At least 372 rural administrations in Kyrgyzstan live on subsidies

At least 372 rural administrations in Kyrgyzstan are subsidized. Omurbek Almanbetov, Director of the Union of Local Self-Governments, told at a press conference at 24.kg news agency.

According to him, there are 453 rural administrations in the republic and 31 cities and towns.

Omurbek Almanbetov recalled that 2019 was declared the Year of Regional Development and Digitalization of the country.

«The main condition for development of the regions is the financial support of the local governments. At the same time, there are financial gaps between cities and rural administrations. 372 rural administrations receive subsidies from the republican budget. Under such conditions, development is problematic,» the head of the Union of Local Self-Government believes.

He added that the union proposed the Parliament to take into account the interests of local self-governments when discussing and approving the budget for the next years.

«Of course, it is impossible to take into account the interests of each LSG body, therefore we suggest doing it through the Union of LSG. Such a mechanism exists in world practice. Our legislation also allows LSGs to unite in unions or associations. Our union has been operating since 2010,» said Omurbek Almanbetov.