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Regional development. New mechanism for considering interests proposed

New mechanism for taking into account the interests of a local community when making decisions at the republican level is proposed to be introduced in Kyrgyzstan. An expert of the Union of Local Self-Governments Ainura Chandybaeva told at a press conference at 24.kg news agency.

According to her, the law provides a requirement that the interests of local communities have to be taken into account when making decisions, but in practice it is optional. Because of this, normative legal acts that are harmful to local communities or do not take into account their interests can be adopted. Therefore, it is proposed to introduce a new type of analysis of the impact of NLAs on the development of regions.

«It will allow assessing the social, economic and other negative consequences of a draft law on regional development before its adoption. In addition, this will exclude the possibility of adopting NLAs that negatively affect the development of a local community,» she noted.

As Ainura Chandybaeva believes, it is necessary to involve local self-government bodies into the formation and adoption of the republican budget.

«Today, the figures are ordered from above, and we want the local authorities to first consider their needs for the provision of quality services,» she said.

It is proposed to hold meetings of the parliamentary committee on the budget on inter-budget relations issues.