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Kyrgyzstan to introduce regulation of prices for medicines

The procedure for state regulation of prices for medicines and medical products begins in Kyrgyzstan. However, there is no exact information on the date of its implementation. An expert in the drug policy of the Ministry of Health, Zhyldyz Zhumagulova, told today at a press conference.

According to her, the law on the circulation of medicines and medical products was signed last year. The documents for the first time say that the state can regulate the prices of medicines. The work on the implementation of the mechanism is underway now.

«This process will not be fast, legislative changes are needed. In the first place, the issue will touch upon the preferential medicines. This is about 60 items. In addition, it will be important to monitor the prices of medicines. The international regulatory experience will be taken as a basis, when several countries are selected in which we will monitor the prices of medicines. In this case, we will be able to demand from drug importers to reduce prices if they are lower in other countries,» said Mariyam Dzhankorozova, the Head of the Pharmaceutical Activity Directorate of the Drug Supply Department.