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SDPK states about double standards in persecution of Atambayev's supporters

In recent months, we have witnessed an artificial imposition on society of negative assessments of the activities of individuals, who are associated with the former president Almazbek Atambayev. We also see double standards by security officials in the investigation of some criminal cases. SDPK Spokesperson Kunduz Zholdubayeva stated today, commenting on media reports about interrogations of the former Prime Minister Sapar Isakov and ex-mayor of Bishkek Kubanychbek Kulmatov.

According to her, in particular, the deputies of the Parliament recognized in their statements that consideration of the issue on the causes of the breakdown at the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant was like a trial. And the adopted resolution, as the deputies themselves noted, contains elements of the indictment.

"It is also strange that the decree of the Parliament does not contain clauses on the responsibility of the officials, directly guilty of the breakdown at the Bishkek HPP in January 2018. Instead, the Parliament focused on the second part of the issue, namely, on accusing the initiators of the modernization of the HPP, which, according to experts, actually saved the heating system of the city from a disaster," Kunduz Zholdubayeva said.

The SDPK representative believes that law enforcement bodies also openly demonstrate double standards in the investigation of the Bishkek HPP breakdown.

"So, initially, the criminal case was initiated on the breakdown at the HPP. But, instead of bringing to justice its former director, Nurlan Omurkul uulu, under whom the breakdown occurred, the investigating authorities focused on the individuals, who do not have to do with the breakdown. They arrested Salaidin Avazov, a member of the SDPK party and the mayor of Jalal-Abad, and summoned Sapar Isakov, Deputy Chairman of SDPK party, for interrogation," Kunduz Zholdubayeva said.

The political organization, she said, also does not understand why, instead of investigating embezzlement at the customs, which is proved by the sharp increase in customs payments to the budget after the dismissal of Raiymbek Matraimov from the State Customs Service, law enforcement agencies brought Kubanychbek Kulmatov to criminal liability, who began to clean the customs from corruption.

"We believe that such selectivity of the Corruption Control Committee of the State Committee for National Security discredits the very idea of ​​fight against corruption," Kunduz Zholdubayeva summed up.