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Mudflows wash away dams in Lyailyak district, posing threat to schools

Mudflows washed away the dams in Lyailyak districts, posing a flooding threat to schools, kindergartens and agricultural land. The deputy Taabyldy Tillaev stated at the meeting of the parliamentary faction «Respublika-Ata Jurt.»

According to him, 56 gullies formed in the canal in Kulundu rural district. The village with 30,000 inhabitants may remain without irrigation water.

«It is very hot in this village in summer, and if the water does not arrive in time, the whole crop will die. The same situation is in Ak-Suu rural area. The mudflows washed away 8.5 hectares of fields and destroyed the dam. Social facilities — school and kindergarten- in Chimgen village are under threat of flooding and destruction,» the deputy said.

The government promised to restore the dams in the near future.