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€70 million needed for reclamation of tailing dumps

«It is necessary to find €70 million for the reclamation of tailing dumps in Central Asia,» said the Member of the European Parliament Michele Rivasi at a conference on the uranium legacy of the region.

According to her, now the world community is responsible for ensuring the safety of citizens and reducing the danger of natural disasters. During the Soviet period, certain work was carried out to reduce the consequences at these tailing dumps. There were plans and decisions. Now they need to be implemented in practice.

«If we do not find millions of euros for such work, we will not be able to reduce the risks. As for financing, Europe has already allocated €16 million, which are managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and are directed to solving problems related to uranium tailings. But we need to find other €70 million to rehabilitate seven objects in Central Asia. These are three facilities in Kyrgyzstan, three — in Tajikistan and one — in Uzbekistan. I call on the international community to mobilize. Only thanks to your participation, we will be able to avoid consequences and improve the living conditions at the uranium heritage sites,» Michele Rivasi stressed.