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Kyrgyzstan insists on new UN resolution on uranium tailings

Kyrgyzstan considers it important to adopt a new UN resolution on the problems of uranium tailings. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Kubatbek Boronov stated today.

According to him, a number of large tailing dumps in Kyrgyzstan and other countries of the region are located near the rivers, which are the basis of the water basin of the Central Asian region.

In case of possible accidents at the tailings, pollution of the rivers in the region with the toxic waste can lead to large-scale environmental disasters.

«Understanding the consequences of the risk, we should make all efforts together and prevent such a development of events. Addressing this problem is one of the most important long-term priorities for Kyrgyzstan. The ecological problem of uranium heritage in Central Asia was repeatedly discussed on the sidelines of the session of the UN General Assembly. In 2013, a UN resolution was adopted that made it possible to achieve in a short time the solution of environmental safety problems. Today, we need to discuss further measures to achieve radiation and environmental safety. In particular, it is necessary to adopt a new relevant resolution of the UN General Assembly,» said Kubatbek Boronov.

The Vice Prime Minister is sure that the renewal of the resolution should be aimed at a new stage of cooperation, a stage of practical actions for reclamation of the uranium tailings. The resolution will be the basis for achieving tangible results in the field of radiation and environmental safety.

As of today, there are 92 objects with toxic and radioactive wastes of mining production in Kyrgyzstan. At least 33 tailing dumps and 25 mountain dumps with a total waste volume of 11.9 million cubic meters are under the supervision of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. About 6.2 million cubic meters are radioactive waste and 5.7 million cubic meters — toxic waste.