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Representatives of Islamic State threaten to shed blood in Bishkek

A video, in which a representative of Islamic State threatens to shed blood in Bishkek, appeared in social networks.

The man said in the video: «What is happening now in Bishkek is preparation for real military actions, which will begin this week.»

According to the men, the organization intends to take such actions if Mukaram Toktogulova is not let to leave the city.

«We issue an ultimatum to the authorities of Bishkek. Either you let our sister Mukaram leave the city, or a lot of blood will be shed in Bishkek. Your police will not have time to clear the buildings of the mines. Swear by Allah, you will regret not having heard us! Any person who tries to harm Mukaram Toktogulova will burn in hell. We will not spare anyone! » said the man on behalf of the IS.

The press center of the State National Security Committee told 24.kg news agency that they were identifying the man from video and were looking for its authors.

Earlier, the teacher of the American University of Central Asia Mukaram Toktogulova was accused of involvement in the occult sect «Ata Zholy». Facebook user Adylbek Dzharkin wrote that during a lecture she told him about the sect. This message was refuted later on.