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Tynchtyk Shainazarov to become head of parliamentary committee

The deputy from Onuguu-Progress faction Tynchtyk Shainazarov will become the head of the parliamentary committee on international affairs, defense and security. Sources in the Parliament informed 24.kg news agency.

According to them, a representative of Ata Meken faction will head the committee on budget and finance. However, the sources said that Ziyadin Zhamaldinov, the representative of Onuguu-Progress, could become the head of the committee. Candidacy of Saidulla Nyshanov from Ata Meken faction is considered. But the faction has not yet come to a common opinion.

Recall, according to the parliamentary regulations, the budget and finance committee remains for the opposition factions. Respublika — Ata Jurt joined the majority coalition, and its representative, the head of the budget and finance committee, Taabaldy Tillaev resigns as the head of the committee.