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Kyrgyzstan plans to counter poachers with the help of drone

The State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry of Kyrgyzstan intends to purchase a drone to counter pests and poachers.

According to it, the remotely piloted aircraft will allow to draw up orthophotomaps of the terrain, three-dimensional models of the relief, which in the future can be used in forest management operations.

«Right now, there is not enough satellite images with high resolution. The use of a drone can become an alternative source of data, it will allow to receive them in a short time and to make an infrared shooting for the study of the forest plantations. Thanks to the multispectral camera, it will be possible to determine the species composition of the plants and other parameters,» the press service noted.

The Department of Protection and Use of Natural Resources with the help of the drone will improve the detection and suppression of poaching, it will help to make aerial photographs in hard-to-reach areas during operational raids and will significantly expand the wild animals monitoring capabilities.

«It should be noted that Kyrgyzstan is one of the first among the CIS countries to acquire this multi-functional remotely piloted aircraft (drone),» the press service noted.

The cost of the prototype is $ 15,000. The device can work in any weather conditions, it is able to spray more than 40 hectares of forest from pests and insects a day.