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Only 216 schools in Kyrgyzstan use Russian as language of instruction

Totally, there are 2,236 schools in the republic as of today, 409 of them — with in-depth study of various subjects and 92 — private schools. The Ministry of Education and Science presented such data.

According to the ministry, 75 percent of schoolchildren attend educational institutions with the Kyrgyz as language of instruction (1,423 schools).

At least 216 schools function with the Russian as language of instruction, with the Uzbek — 43, Tajik — 3 and with mixed languages ​​of instruction (mainly Kyrgyz-Russian) — 551 schools.

For 5 years, the number of schoolchildren increased by 16 percent and exceeded 1.1 million. An increase of 25 percent was observed in the cities and towns, in rural regions — 12 percent.